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The Comprehensive Paul Marciano Bibliography
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The Moroccan-born, Paul Marciano has succeeded to become one of the best designers, businessperson, investor and philanthropist in America. Generally, Paul is the Cofounder of Guess? Inc. He has worn multiple Clio Awards following his black-and -white advertisements that he staged over the years.


Paul Marciano was born in 1952 in Debdou, Morocco. His father, grandfather and great grandfather were all Rabbis and therefore, he was from a staunch Jewish family. Paul's early childhood life was spent in France. He grew up together with his four siblings; three brothers and one sister. As a matter of facts, Paul and his brothers well part and parcel of the Eclaireurs Israelites de France.


Paul Marcello was involved in a motorbike accident with his friend and he was incapacitated to a point that he couldn't walk again. He was 15 years when the accident happened. It was until 7 months using the wheelchair that he started regain control of his limbs and could start walking. It took Paul 1 year and a half of total dedication to master walking again. Unfortunately, Paul wasn't accepted back to school as he was away for a long time and he had to discontinue. This contributed to Paul Marcello's journey to Israel where he would be living in a Kibbutz.


Paul and his brothers used to work in their family clothing business MGA (Maurice Georges Armand}. However, in 1977, the four brothers took a trip to California and it's there where they developed love and appreciation for the state. This love and appreciation did contribute to their relocation where they established MGA in Beverly Hills. In 1981, the four brothers started Guess Jeans which they later sold half the partnership (50% shares) to the Nakash brothers. Paul Marciano was responsible and delegated with the task of public relations and advertisement until 1993 where he became the president of Guess? Inc. He also embraced the responsibility of the Chief operating officer. He was devoted and dedicated to his work until 2015, where he stepped down as the president of the company. In June this year, Marciano was faced with sexual harassment allegations which forced him to resign as the Chief Creative Officer. See more in the Paul Marciano Youtube Channel.


In his life, Marciano has been married to two women; Kimberly and Mareva Gorges. Kymberly Marciano was a photographer as well as a model. In their marriage time, they had two children; Nicolai and Ella. Paul and Kimberly got divorced later on in 1996. In 2006, Paulo married Mareva Georges. Mareva was a French model who once held the Miss French tittle as well as The Miss Tahiti title as well. They have two children Ryan and Gia. Paul Marciano, Georges and their lovely children live in Los Angeles. Currently, Georges is an advocate for women and children who are victims of abuse.


Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Management.

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